Applits Has Closed.

You’ve reached the past home of something quite cool: the nationally
recognized crowdsourced app creation platform.

We loved building beautiful apps alongside our
vibrant community of 17,547 users.

Quality app development is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We are passionate
about providing solutions for startups and entrepreneurs to get their mobile app
created at an affordable price.

With Applits and our amazing user comunity, we recognized the platform’s inherent
constraint of only being able to help one aspiring entrepreneur at a time: only after
they won our app idea competition.

Everyone deserves to have their app idea
see the light of day.

We are excited to share with you our plans to be able to serve even more of you,
more quickly and efficiently than ever before. We’re taking the mystery out of
app development to make creating great apps truly accessible.

How are we making this happen?

Designli creates mobile apps for startups and entrepreneurs. Focusing on a
fixed-fee pricing model, we hit the price point that is required
for entrepreneurs to get their app off the ground without
compromising quality.

We are hard at work creating a brand new platform that will allow for
our clients to access our developer network directly, effectively
creating a “Do It Yourself” service which will cut the costs of
app creation in half.

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Applits Platform

Still curious as to what exactly it was that we built here at Applits?
We’re glad you asked; we couldn’t be more proud of our history.

The Concept

Socially Driven App Creation.

Far more than a simple app idea competition, we created a vibrant, interactive community of
aspiring artists, writers, and creative thinkers who brought their unique skills into an
entirely new and efficient method of crowdsourced app development.

First, folks from around the world would submit their app ideas to our platform. Those same
users browsed through the submissions and upvoted their favorites. At the end of
each month, the top-voted ideas moved on to “Voting Week,” where our next
project was chosen.

Users could then participate in every stage of app development,
giving feedback along the way and earning royalties in the apps
as they participated. Users watched as their contributions were
implemented into real products.

Coolest College Startup of 2014


Other Press:

A Small Sample of Apps We Created:

Here are some of our favorites out of a total of 16 unique products.

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